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Shooting Team

The Brass Exchange Shooting Team

The Brass Exchange, Inc. Shooting Team is a marketing arm of the company. Through our presence we have helped educate the masses on the services we offer such as reloading classes as well as products we have available such as brass shells and projectiles. We are a group of men who are passionate about our craft and strive to be the best in the world in multiple shooting disciplines.

We strive to grow the sport through several channels including helping new shooters with technique and stage presence, providing advice at matches, and offering giveaways such as free BE brass, clothing, and swag. Additionally, we help create a fun, positive atmosphere while embracing the mindset that we are going to help increase numbers at any match we attend. Through numerous matches in any given week, the team may be competing in front of over 500 spectators and shooters. In the past, we have traveled to places like Alabama and Mississippi for their respective IDPA State Matches, North Carolina for the California Cup, and even to Massachusetts for the Smith & Wesson Bug Gun Championship. We also support and sponsor our home state of Georgia with their IDPA and USPSA state matches for two years running. WE hope to see you at the IPSC, Steel, 3 Gun, USPSA, IDPA, and GSSF matches soon!

Hakim Satterfield - 
IDPA: A52813
USPSA: A-65969
-Pro: B 
-Ltd: C
GSSF: 102793

Chris Woomer - 
IDPA: A54817
USPSA: A-78549

Trevor Jiles - 
IDPA: A51711
Sal Nappo
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