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Top 10 Questions 

  1. Do you have a minimum order amount? At the Brass Exchange, we do not have a minimum nor maximum order amount. Our goal is to serve your needs as best as possible whether it be 20 pieces of brass or 200,000.

  2. What is the largest piece count that you can deliver? If you have a large order and we do not have the inventory to support it, we can deliver a firm promise date.

  3. What forms of payment do you accept? We accept PayPal, certified checks, debit cards, credit cards, wiring funds, and postal money orders.

  4. What is your return policy? All sales are final.

  5. Is the brass once-fired? We cannot guarantee that our brass is once fired, but it is likely that a great portion of the brass is once-fired.

  6. Where does the brass come from? All our brass comes from temperature controlled “indoor” ranges throughout the south eastern United States.

  7. Do your prices include shipping? They do not, but we maximize the weights by using USPS flat rate boxes.

  8. What is brass made of? Brass is an alloy, which means it is made from two metals: copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn).

  9. Is the brass tumbled? Starting July 4th, 2012, all brass will be tumbled at no additional cost.

  10. What if I live in local Atlanta and do not want to pay shipping costs? As of July 4th, 2012, we will have limited retail hours at our new shop in Marietta, GA. Contact us for a scheduled pick-up time.

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